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Dr. Pipe is a multipurpose composite tape that reacts with water and hardens. It can be used on any surface that with water or even underwater. No other tool is required for use. Only water is required for use. It is more economical because thanks to its excellent adhesiveness and resistance, it can repair tubes and pipes.


Dr.Pipe Home Kit

Dr. Pipe Home Kit is a water activated fiberglass tape, designed to ultimately stop the leakage of pipe. It is perfect for small repairs around the home, office and workshop with ease.
Dr. Pipe Home Kit provides you a strong, permanent and economical way to repair your pipe without cementing, soldering, welding, sleeving and replacement.


Prax Anti Corrision System

If you are suffering from corroded piers and post of any structure in the ocean due to salt water,PRAX ANTI-CORROSION SYSTEM provides you with the easiest and fastest way to solve it. It comes with 2 kinds of tape which are ANTI-CORROSION TAPE and PRAX INDUSTRIAL(protection tape). It contains water activated and anti-corrosion resin to prevent your valuable structure in the ocean from futher corrosion semi-permanently. 


Prax Anti-Flame

PRAX ANTI-FLAME is created to repair the high-heart resisting industrial pipe in power plant of so. It's an ideal product to repair the industrial pipe which should resist high temperature in a certain place. PRAX ANTI-FLAME is reliable since it's provided after flame retarding test from the certificated external institute.


Prax Industrial

Prax Industrial provides you with perfect solutions of industrial pipe repair over 15cm diameter and you will be able to protect against unexpected danger from vibrations such as an earthquake since industrial repair tape is designed to stop the leakage and enhance the rigidity of the damage pipe.
PRAX INDUSTRIAL is fast, easy-to-us,permanent repair solution for large diameter pipes. It helps you to save your valuable time while saving money over the cost of pipe replacement.


Prax Pu-Crete

PRAX PU-CRETE is the waterproof flooring system for concrete surface which combined the mineral and urethane.It can be used as the flooring material for parking place, each kind of factory floors which is needed abrasion resistance and chemical resistance


Prax Soundproof

PRAX SOUNDPROOF comes in 'polyurethane resin mortar' and it's ideal for applications that require increased sound-absorption and/or sound blocking.It helps to not only control sound transmissions by adding sound blocking mass, it also decouples some of the structural vibration by separating the mass of the vinyl sound barrier from the structure it is being attached to.


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