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    Dr. Pipe is a multipurpose composite tape that reacts with water
    and hardens.
                  It can be used on any surface that with water or
    even underwater. No other tool is required for use. Only water is

    required  for  use.  It  is  more  economical  because  thanks  to  its

    excellent adhesiveness and resistance, it can repair tubes and

    pipes.  (even  active  water  pipe,  automobile  motor  muffler,  vinyl
    house, tree branch, any type of chair etc.)

                                Easy and convenient repairs

                                Since it reacts when it hardens by                                Dr.pipe

                                using water, no extra tool is
                                Strong adhesiveness and                                           Putty


                                Due to its strong adhesiveness

                                and intensity, it can be used to

                                repair various faults.                                            Gloves
                                Underwater work                                   Capability of pressure

                                Useful on uneven surfaces,                        60kgf/㎠(60bar)                                                               60kgf/㎠(60bar)
                                wet surfaces and even

                                underwater(sea water)
                                KC Certification held

                                Gained sanitary safety                            300℃

                                standards for pipelines                           (Steam tube, vehicle muffler,
                                                             Product code    Size      Application  Color Components
                                                       HP  PXRH-2018HP-BK/WH    5.0cmx1.8m  Less than 40mm  Black  Dr.pipe(H)

                                                      type                                                Putty
                                                           PXRH3027HP-BK/WH  7.5cmx2.7m  Less than 75mm  White  Gloves

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