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                                                             HP type         Components : Dr.Pipe(H), Putty, Gloves

                                                             IIt is made of high-density fiberglass and is often used when there

                                                             is no high-pressure piping, or if there is a difference in connection

                                                               height  (such  as  elbows)  or  when  the  pipe  pressure  can  be


                                                             Especially,  it  is  designed  to  withstand  high  pressure  (60kgf/ɜ)

                                                             when applying HP type products, so it can be applied not only to

                                                             domestic piping but also to high pressure industrial piping. It is
                                                               suitable for rust prevention and anti-corrosion as well as for indus-

                                                             trial use.
                                                            ■  After close the pressure of the pipe
                                                            ■  High pressure piping
                                                            ■  Leaks due to pinholes in pipes
                                                            ■  Use for domestic and industrial piping
                                                            ■  Easy to use when there are few differences
          ₖ                    ₗ                   ₘ                    ₙ                    ₚ
         Knead putty after wearing   Put the kneaded putty on  After opening Dr.pipe, immerse  Roll Dr.pipe more than 5   Remove the air bubbles
         gloves               the leak part.     in water for 5~10 seconds  layers.          by rubbing.
             Water supply        Leaking pipe lines      Drain pipes        PVC pipes         Industrial pipe lines

            Farming utensils  When the hammer slips  Industrial pipe lines  Steam pipe lines    Steel pipe lines
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