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Coil Cleaning               Condenser Needle                            ™

                                                        Swivel handle
                                                        easily adjusts
    Precision Coil Cleaning.                            direction of
                                                        water jet
    Blast dirt and debris from condenser coils, with-
    out damaging delicate fins, using Condenser
    Needle. Designed to clean from the backside of
    the coil, Condenser Needle reaches inside units
    and quickly cleans the entire coil bed.


                                                          3' aluminum wand

                                                          90° nozzle creates
    •Attaches to a standard garden hose                   powerful cleaning
                                                          spray to clean
    •36” wand easily handles most units                   coils from the
    •Exclusive spray tip delivers 90° spray               inside out
       pattern up to 3+ gallons per minute
    •Adjustable chemical injection hose

     Part Number:       CN-03
     Output Pressure:     Up to 100 PSI at 3.3 GPM  SpeedyFoam
     Dimensions (HxWxD):    48”x3”x3”              For best results,
     Weight:            3 lbs                      use with
     U.S. Patent:       D624,718

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