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     Coil Cleaning              CoilJet CJ-200E


     Portable and Powerful Coil Cleaning.
     CoilJet CJ-200E offers more pressure, continuous water supply and 110V
     convenience when compared to the fully portable and rechargeable
     CJ-125 model. It also offers up to 220 psi for cleaning thicker, dirtier
     coils. It’s perfect for rooftop units, evaporators, condenser coils, and
     refrigeration coils.
     Includes: 2 standard spray nozzles, spray gun
     with quick disconnect, 15’ power cord, and shoulder strap.  Integrated
                                               chemical tank

       Standard hose
       connector for
       water supply

                                                                cord storage

                          Up to 220 PSI spray blasts
                          dirt and grime, but won’t          Note: Supports all
                              damage fins                    CoilJet  Accessories
     Part Number:        CJ-200E
     Output Tank Pressure:    170 PSI at 0.5 GPM,   SpeedyFoam
     Output Hose Pressure:   220 PSI at 0.5 GPM   For best results,
     Capacity (water):    3.375 gallons           use with
     Capacity (chemical):   1.75 quarts           SpeedyFoam.
     Weight (dry):       20 lbs
     U.S. Patent:        Pending

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