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    Coil Cleaning               CoilJet CJ-125

     No Water. No Power. No Problem.

     Ideal for cleaning coils in locations where water and power may
     be inaccessible, such as rooftops and attics. CoilJet is designed for
     portability by including integrated water, and chemical tanks and a
     long life rechargeable battery. Clean condenser and evaporator
     coils anywhere.

     Includes: 2 standard spray nozzles, spray gun with quick disconnect, rechargeable battery,
     and shoulder strap.

                                                   Optional spray wand
                                                    lets you clean from
                                                     the inside of coils

                                                          125 PSI spray blasts dirt
                                                           and grime but won’t
                                                              damage fins

             Integrated water
            and chemical tanks

                     Rechargeable battery
                        lasts all day

     Part Number:       CJ-125
     Output Pressure:    125 PSI at 0.6 GPM      SpeedyFoam
     Capacity (water):    3.375 gallons          For best results,
     Capacity (chemical):   1.75 quarts          use with
     Weight (dry):      22 lbs                   SpeedyFoam.
     U.S. Patent:       Pending

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