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Coil Cleaning                Mini-Split Cassette
    NEW!                         Bib  Kit

     Tough Cleaning Made Easy.

     Cleaning ductless ceiling cassette’s is a daunting task, but we’ve
     just made it a whole lot easier. Using pressurized water and coil
     cleaner is the key to a good coil cleaning. Our ductless cassette
     bib kit installs in seconds and quickly creates a funnel where all
     your water and cleaner is safely deposited into a bucket. Super
     easy to use and incredibly effective.
     Complete kit includes: Cassette bib, adjustable bungee cord, mounting hooks and a five gallon bucket.

    • Six covered access ports maintain
      water resistant seal while cleaning

    • Includes 10’ drain line

    • Optional stand available


     Part Number:     SC-CB
     Weight (dry):    1.1 lbs
     Fits ductless
     cassette fan units:    Up to 48” wide
     U.S. Patent:     6863,116 (Additional patent pending)

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