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     Coil Cleaning              FlowJet

     High Flow Cleaning with Chemical Injection.
     Make quick work of cleaning debris and grime from thick condenser and
     evaporator coils. Powerful 400 PSI washes even the dirtiest coils with a
     continuous spray of water and cleaning chemical—without damaging
     sensitive fins. Professional results from a compact, portable solution.

     Includes: FlowJet, 2 standard spray nozzles, 12’ hose, 25’ power cord with GFCI
     protection, spray gun, and 18” lance assembly.

                                                    Water hose connection for
     •Optional 90° spray nozzle forces dirt         continuous cleaning
       and debris back in the direction it entered

     •12’ hose with additional lengths available
                                                    Chemical siphon tube

     Part Number:      FLOWJET-60
     Weight:           35 lbs (net dry)
     Output Pressure:    400 PSI
     Output Water Flow:   2.5 GPM
     Input Power:      12.5 amps, 115 V, 60 Hz AC
     Motor Power:      3 /4 HP
     Patent:           Pending

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