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     Coil Cleaning
    Coil Cleaning                CoilShot Condenser     Coil Cleaning System

     The Future of Coil Cleaning.

     Tablet based system saves wasted coil cleaner and space over bulky
     coil cleaner bottles. One pack of tablets replaces an entire case of coil
     cleaner. Use with CoilShot wand for best results – to help get behind
     coils for superior cleaning everytime.
     Includes: CoilShot, quick connect
     foaming nozzle, and one sample tablet.   COILSHOT  WAND
                                    STORAGE ON TOP          QUICK CONNECT
                                    Keeps extra tool handy
        QUICK LOAD                                          Easy nozzle changes
        Quick load
        tablet door

                                                         NOZZLE STORAGE
                                                         Stores extra nozzles

                                                    2 TABLETS = 1 GALLON CLEANER

                                      SIMPLE AS 1 - 2 - 3!

                                      1           2           3

     SPECS:                            Attach hose  Insert tablet  Clean coils

     Part Number:    SC-CS-100                Part Number:    SC-CS-TABS
     Output Pressure:    Up to 70 PSI at 3 GPM  Content:     8 CoilShot tablets
     Weight (dry):    1 lb                                   per 5 oz box
     U.S. Patent:    Pending                  U.S. Patent:    Pending

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